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Deformability of Unidirectional Prepreg Materials

size: 11pt; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">To reduce cost of structural composites the development of more efficient
size: 11pt;">manufacturing methods is of great interest. Sheet forming of thermoset
size: 11pt;">prepreg, also known as hot drape forming, has been a promising manufacturing
size: 11pt;">method for decades. An automatic tape layer (ATL) can be used to perform the
size: 11pt;">lay-up in an efficient way. The flatly stacked unidirectional prepreg forms a
size: 11pt;">sheet to be formed over a given mould. Knowledge about the materials
size: 11pt;">forming behaviour is important to reach the required shape without flaws, such
size: 11pt;">as wrinkles.

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