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Drop-Weight Impact on Fiber-Metal Laminates Using Various Indenters

Impact damage induced by drop-weight instrument on different types of Glare fiber-metal laminates {FML’s) was studied experimentally. Indenters with various shapes and sizes were used in this study. For line-type Charpy indenters, the effect of angles between indenter and fiber were also investigated. Both the nondestructive ultrasonic and mechanical sectioning techniques were used to evaluate impact damage in the laminates. The results showed that cross-ply Glare 3 FML’s offer higher impact resistance than unidirectional Glare 2 FML’s. The first failure at low-velocity impact occurred as delamination between the non-impacted side aluminum face-sheet and the adjacent fiber-epoxy layer. It followed by a visible crack in the outer aluminum face-sheet at the non-impacted side with a crack length increasing with the higher impact energy. The more severe local damages appeared with smaller indenters whereas larger global deflection occurred if larger size indenters were used. This implies that for fiber-metal laminates impacted by smaller size indenters, the energy dissipated mainly through delamination and cracks whereas for their counterparts impacted by larger size indenters, more energy may be absorbed due to large global deformation.

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