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Impact Damage Mechanisms in Fiber-Metal Laminates

Impact-induced damage mechanisms in Glare and ARALL fiber-metal laminates subject to instrumented drop-weight impacts at various impact energies and temperatures were studied. Damage in pure aluminum panels impacted by foreign objects was mainly characterized by large plastic
deformation surrounding a deep penetration dent. On the other hand, plastic deformation in fiber-metal laminates was often not as severe although the penetration dent was still produced. The more stiff fiber-reinforced epoxy layers provided better bending rigidity; thus, enhancing impact damage tolerance. Severe cracking, however, occurred due to the use of these more brittle fiber-reinforced epoxy layers. Fracture behaviors were greatly affected by the lay-up configuration and the number of layers, which implies that effects of both fiber orientation and thickness are significant for the panels tested in this study. Temperature, on the other hand, does not play a significant role in this study.

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