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Out-of-plane load distribution in CLT theory


Applying any mechanical load to a laminate and using the principals of CLT will allow you to determine the in-plane stress for each lamina. This is based on the theory that the stress distribution is piece-wise continuous through the thickness of the laminate. Therefore, if you want to calculate the reaction force(s) for a particular layer, one might considering applying the Stress = F/A equation. For instance if you know the width and thickness for each laminae, then simple extract the stress at the lamina of interest and multiply by its area. This will give you and average force and from there you can calculate a percent based on the laminates total stress. Hope this helps. if anyone else has a solution please add-thanks.  


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I‘m looking for support on out-of-plane loading of different plies with different shear strengths. This would be of great help.

In an out-of-plane load, how do I calculate which plies are taking what percentage of load.



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