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The Influence of Resin Mixture Ratio for the Use of Prepreg on the Fatigue Behavior Properties in FRMLs
Viewed 254 times since Wed, Sep 5, 2012
Fiber reinforced metal laminates(FRMLs) were new type of hybrid materials. FRMLs consist of high strength metals(Al 5052-H34) and laminated fiber with structural adhesive bond. The effect of resin mixture ratios on the fatigue crack propagation... Read More
Viewed 351 times since Tue, Aug 21, 2012
Fibre Metal Laminates (FML) are a member of the hybrid materials family, consisting of alternating metal layers and layers of fibres embedded in a resin. Improved damage resistance and tolerance result in a significant weight and maintenance cost... Read More
Impact Damage Mechanisms in Fiber-Metal Laminates
Viewed 273 times since Tue, Jul 31, 2012
Impact-induced damage mechanisms in Glare and ARALL fiber-metal laminates subject to instrumented drop-weight impacts at various impact energies and temperatures were studied. Damage in pure aluminum panels impacted by foreign objects was mainly... Read More
Drop-Weight Impact on Fiber-Metal Laminates Using Various Indenters
Viewed 265 times since Sat, Jan 7, 2012
Impact damage induced by drop-weight instrument on different types of Glare fiber-metal laminates {FML’s) was studied experimentally. Indenters with various shapes and sizes were used in this study. For line-type Charpy indenters, the effect of... Read More
Determination of CTODC in Fibre Metal Laminates by ASTM and Schwalbe Methods
Viewed 319 times since Wed, Dec 28, 2011
Fibre Metal Laminates (FMLs) have arisen as a demand of the aeronautical industry to use thin sheets with high resistance to fatigue crack growth,  high damage tolerance, corrosion resistance and high specific strength. Considering these... Read More
Crack tunneling and Delamination in Fiber-Metal Laminates
Viewed 330 times since Sat, Nov 26, 2011
A specimen of Glare 3 2/1 0.3 with an initial imperfection in the metal layer, is analysed. The aluminium and fibre-reinforced prepeg layers are modeled using continuum solid like shell elements. Delamination between the metal and... Read More
Characterisation of Fibre Metal Laminates under Thermo-mechanical Loadings
Viewed 347 times since Thu, Oct 27, 2011
Fibre metal laminates, such as Arall or Glare, can offer improved properties compared to monolithic materials. Glare for example shows improved fatigue, residual strength, burn-through, impact and corrosion properties with respect to... Read More
A Review on the Development and Properties of Continuous Fiber/epoxy/aluminum Hybrid Composites for Aircraft Structures
Viewed 244 times since Wed, Jan 30, 2013
Weight reduction and improved damage tolerance characteristics were the prime drivers to develop new family of materials for the aerospace/aeronautical industry. Aiming this objective, a new lightweight Fiber/Metal Laminate (FML) has been developed.... Read More