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Fabric Drapeability and Kinematics
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Wet-filament winding fabrication of thick carbon fiber-polycyanate resin composite
Viewed 393 times since Tue, Sep 6, 2011
Describes wet-filament winding method. Read More
The Advanced Stitching Machine
Viewed 278 times since Wed, May 16, 2012
The Advanced Stitching Machine (ASM) was designed and built under the ACT program to aid in making large structures out of composites. The goals of the ACT initiative are to make composite wing structures 25 percent lighter, to reduce production... Read More
Significant Effect of Microwave Curing on Tensile Strength of Carbon Fiber Composites
Viewed 287 times since Thu, Jun 7, 2012
The traditional process for curing carbon fiber (CF) composites has been the autoclave system. A review of recent research indicates curing CF composites in a microwave oven has the potential for reducing processing time. The problem statement of the... Read More
Quality Assurance
Viewed 325 times since Tue, Sep 6, 2011
Unlike a structure fabricated from metal plate, a composite hull achieves its form entirely at the time of fabrication. As a result, the overall integrity of an FRP marine structure is very dependent on a successful Quality Assurance... Read More
Viewed 188 times since Sun, Aug 16, 2015
In the process of developing an aircraft a designer must choose materials and processes which best suit the manufacturing facilities, the company’s line of expertise and other factors contributing to the overall fabrication and assembly effort.... Read More
Measurement and FE prediction of glass fibre orientation distributions for injection moulded products of increasing complexity
Viewed 313 times since Sun, Mar 3, 2013
The use of injection-moulded glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastics for load-bearing applications is ever increasing. However, the use of reinforced composites poses a problem during the design of the part, because these materials cannot be assumed to... Read More
Manufacturing Processes - Fabrication
Viewed 244 times since Wed, Dec 19, 2012
The various fabrication processes applicable to marine composite structures are summarized in the tables at the end of this section. The most common technique used for large structures such as boat hulls, is the open mold process. Specifically, hand... Read More
M9 Manufacturing Composite Laminates
Viewed 282 times since Wed, Dec 19, 2012
Over the last 30 years composite materials, plastics, and ceramics have been the dominant emerging materials. Modern composite materials constitute a significant proportion of the engineered materials market ranging from everyday products to... Read More
Laser Forming of Metal Laminate Composite Materials
Viewed 254 times since Sat, Apr 13, 2013
The laser forming process has been shown to be a viable method of shaping metallic components, as a means of rapid prototyping and of adjusting and aligning. Although the process does compete with conventional forming processes, applications are... Read More
Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability
Viewed 215 times since Mon, Jul 30, 2012
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites are being increasingly used as replacements for metals in engineering applications. Though these composites are manufactured in near-net shape, machining is often necessary for integration and... Read More
Increasing Productivity in Composite Manufacturing
Viewed 225 times since Thu, Nov 15, 2012
The manufacturing effort of the integrally stiffened fuselage skin of the Eurofighter is dominated by the internal substructure. Focussing on this kind of structural parts a new technological approach was developed governed by the aim to reduce the... Read More
Experimental Determination of Compressive Strength of Pultruded Structural Shapes
Viewed 310 times since Tue, Apr 10, 2012
An existing coupon compression fixture was modified for testing cylindrical coupon samples of pultruded material in compression. Then a new fixture was developed for testing full-size structural shapes, which presents all the advantages of the coupon... Read More
Viewed 102 times since Wed, Mar 23, 2016
In order to understand the mechanisms involved in the forming step of LCM processes and provide validation data to numerical models, a specific experimental device has been designed in collaboration between PRISME Institute and EADS. This toot... Read More
Achieving Low Cost Composite Processes through Intelligent Design and Control
Viewed 307 times since Wed, Jan 30, 2013
Although the application of polymer-based composite materials continues to enjoy steady growth, the cumulative cost of these materials often limits their competitive advantage. While the constituents (e.g., resin, fibers) are relatively inexpensive,... Read More
Viewed 500 times since Fri, Aug 26, 2011
A novel out-of-autoclave polymer composite material processing technology is described. The Quickstep manufacturing technique uses a liquid to transfer heat to the uncured laminate stack, enabling precise control of the stack temperature... Read More
Viewed 409 times since Thu, Aug 18, 2011
This study is about reinforced kenaf fibres with processed of polyester composites resin by using vacuum infusion and hand lay-up method. Here, the continues long kenaf fibres material were used and treated by using different... Read More