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Viscoelasticity in carbon nanotube composites
Viewed 354 times since Sun, Jan 29, 2012
Polymer composites reinforced by carbon nanotubes have been extensively researched1ā€“4 for their strength and stiffness properties. Unless the interface is carefully engineered, poor load transfer between nanotubes (in bundles) and between nanotubes... Read More
Viewed 259 times since Wed, Aug 22, 2012
Multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT)/epoxy composites were fabricated with different nanotube weight percent (wt.%) concentrations. Ultra-sonication and homogenization were simultaneously used to uniformly disperse MWNTs into the epoxy. The MWNT/epoxy... Read More
Short Beam Testing of Composite Laminates with and without SWCNTs
Viewed 302 times since Thu, Jun 7, 2012
Fibrous composites offer outstanding material properties and adaptability for use in the aerospace industry. With the discovery of carbon nanotubes, the prospect of enhancing existing mechanical and thermal properties of composite materials has led... Read More
Viewed 282 times since Wed, Aug 8, 2012
Thermoplastic laminates in situ consolidated via tape or tow placement require full mechanical properties. Realizing full properties requires resin crystallinity to be controlled - partial crystallinity leads to unacceptably low laminate compression... Read More
Negative sti ness and enhanced damping of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Viewed 166 times since Sat, Apr 6, 2013
The mechanical instabilities and viscoelastic response of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes and nanofibers MWCNTs/Fs under uniaxial compression are studied with atomic force microscopy. Specific buckling events are evident by regimes of... Read More
Nanotube Composite Carbon Fibers
Viewed 228 times since Sun, Mar 3, 2013
The mechanical properties of materials in small rod-shaped form are of considerable technological interest since, due to their shape and size, they can exhibit appreciably greater strength relative to corresponding macroscopic forms. For example, the... Read More
Nanomanipulation Experiments Exploring Frictional and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
Viewed 303 times since Wed, Aug 22, 2012
In many cases in experimental science, the instrument interface becomes a limiting factor in the efficacy of carrying out unusual experiments or prevents the complete understanding of the acquired data. We have developed an advanced interface for... Read More
Nanoengineering of Hybrid Carbon Nanotube-Metal Nanocluster Composite Materials for Hydrogen Storage
Viewed 244 times since Wed, Aug 22, 2012
The objective of this project is to develop optimized nanocomposite materials for high-density H2 reversible storage applications. Specifically, carbon nanotube-catalyst nanoparticle composite materials with well-controlled nanotube size will be... Read More
Viewed 310 times since Wed, Dec 19, 2012
The first step towards this direction was the fabrication of isotropic CNF doped epoxy samples and the intensive characterization of their morphology and their mechanical-thermal-electrical behavior. In this way, a clear understanding of the doped... Read More
Viewed 242 times since Sun, Mar 3, 2013
Composite materials are nowadays widely used in space applications. The introduction of nanotechnology in the field of composites has created new possibilities for the development of breakthrough materials with tailored functional properties. In this... Read More
Viewed 247 times since Wed, Aug 22, 2012
The damage tolerance concept in an aerospace structure relates to its ability to perform to required standards within damage limits, which at the same time define the remaining life time of the structure. As a result, it is the main design criterion... Read More
Manufacture and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Laminates
Viewed 219 times since Wed, Dec 19, 2012
This work mainly aims to manufacture nanocomposite laminates at first. The prepreg AS-4 graphite/PolyEtherEtherKetone laminates were used to make a 16-layered APC-2 laminate of 2 mm thick via curing the modified diaphragm. The nanoparticles of Silica... Read More
Large-Scale Simulation on the Properties of Carbon- Nanotube
Viewed 206 times since Sat, Apr 13, 2013
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and fullerenes have a lot of potential applications in nanotechnology. In the stream of efforts to exploit these nanoscale materials, the computational simulations have turned out to be powerful and efficient tools. Especially... Read More
Joining prepreg composite interfaces with aligned carbon nanotubes
Viewed 287 times since Thu, Oct 18, 2012
An interlaminar reinforcement using aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is demonstrated for prepreg unidirectional carbon tape composites. Aligned CNTs are grown at high temperature and then transferprinted to prepreg at room temperature, maintaining CNT... Read More
Governing Equation for the Measurement of Non-uniform Stress Distributions in Thin Films Using Substrate Deformation Technique
Viewed 227 times since Wed, Jan 30, 2013
Determination of stress in thin films deposited on substrates is a basic and essential requirement in micro-nanotechnology. Most often local measurements of the induced substrate curvature are related to local stress using the Stoney equation.... Read More
Formation of percolating networks in multi-wall carbon-nanotubeā€“epoxy composites
Viewed 296 times since Fri, Dec 30, 2011
This paper explores the use of aligned chemical vapour deposition (CVD)-grown multi-wall carbon nanotubes as a conductive ļ¬ller in an epoxy system based on a bisphenol-A resin and an amine hardener. During the production of composite samples... Read More
Fabrication and multifunctional properties of a hybrid laminate with aligned carbon nanotubes grown In Situ
Viewed 313 times since Mon, Nov 12, 2012
A hybrid composite architecture of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), advanced fibers and a matrix is described, from CNT synthesis and characterization through to standard mechanical and electrical laminate tests. Direct growth of aligned CNTs on the surface... Read More
Fabrication and Evaluation on Nano-Phased Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy
Viewed 264 times since Wed, Sep 5, 2012
In the present investigation, we have developed a novel manufacturing technique to fabricate unidirectional nanophased carbon prepregs using solution impregnation and filament winding methods. Siliconcarbide nanoparticles (Ī²-SiC) were first infused... Read More
Exposure to nanoscale particles and fibers during machining of hybrid advanced composites containing carbon nanotubes
Viewed 387 times since Sun, Jun 17, 2012
This study investigated airborne exposures to nanoscale particles and fibers generated during dry and wet abrasive machining of two three phase advanced composite systems containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs), micron-diameter continuous fibers (carbon... Read More
Electrospinning carbon nanotube polymer composite nanofibers
Viewed 377 times since Sun, Mar 4, 2012
The unique and exceptional physical properties of carbon nanotubes have inspired their use as a filler within a polymeric matrix to produce carbon nanotube polymer composites with enhanced mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. A powerful... Read More
Electrical properties of single wall carbon nanotube reinforced polyimide composites
Viewed 253 times since Sun, Mar 4, 2012
Electrical properties of single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) reinforced polyimide composites were investigated as a function of SWNT concentration. AC and DC conductivities were measured, and the frequency behavior of the specific admittance was... Read More
Dislocation-Based Deformation Mechanisms in Metallic Nanolaminates
Viewed 626 times since Sat, Jan 7, 2012
The appeal of nanolaycred materials from a mechanical viewpoint is that, in principle, plastic deformation can be confined to small volumes of material by controlling both the frequency and magnitude of obstacles to dislocation motion. Read More
Design and Development of New Nano-Reinforced Bonds and Interfaces
Viewed 363 times since Thu, Dec 22, 2011
This investigation focuses on the design and development of nano-reinforced adhesively-bonded high performance joints. The influence of homogeneous dispersion of carbon nanotubes and alumina nanoparticles on the cohesive strength, interfacial... Read More
Challenges in Commercializing Carbon Nanotube Composites
Viewed 332 times since Wed, Oct 26, 2011
The U.S. was the first country to establish a government-funded nanotechnology research and development initiative, and within 2 years, 30 countries developed similar programs.22 Now, over 60 countries have government-funded nanotechnology... Read More
Carbonaceous Nanomaterials in the Fabrication of Conductive Composites
Viewed 324 times since Sat, Oct 22, 2011
Conventional thermosetting composites are very good electrical insulators. They also provide excellent corrosion resistance and high strength/weight properties, making them attractive for structural applications where reduced... Read More
Carbon Nanotubeā€“Magnetite Composites, With Applications to Developing Unique Magnetorheological Fluids
Viewed 281 times since Sat, Oct 22, 2011
The development of carbon nanotube (CNT) based technology is limited in part by the lack of effective bulk methods for precisely manipulating and aligning nanotubes at the very fine scale. Moreover, the innate hydrophobic and inert nature... Read More
Viewed 308 times since Sat, Oct 22, 2011
Mechanical methods for joining structures made with fiber reinforced polymeric composite (FRC) usually cause stress concentrations and damage the continuous reinforcing fibres, which reduce the overall load capacity of the structure.... Read More
Alignment and Mechanical Characterization of Vapor Grown Carbon Nanofibers in Polyethylene
Viewed 388 times since Fri, Sep 30, 2011
Carbon nanofiber reinforced polymer composites have received increasingly attention in the scientific and industrial communities due to their interesting mechanical, electrical and thermal properties and therefore potential applications.... Read More
A Nanoscale Composite Material for Enhanced Damage Tolerance in MEMS Applications
Viewed 297 times since Mon, Sep 5, 2011
A two-dimensional laminar composite material has been shown [1] to exhibit enhanced damage tolerance due to zones of residual compressive stress. The damage tolerance appears as a threshold stress below which the structure does ... Read More