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What are your Strengths…”Specific” that is?

When your being interviewed for a job be prepared to answer a classic interview question regarding your strengths. This is an invitation to talk about your skills…perhaps its analytical thinking; or, maybe organization…wait-just-a-minute, ahh...wrong topic! The strength I am referring to matters when one is considering the strength of a material. So, do you know, or did you ever consider “Specific Strength” when deciding what material to use in a design? No…well, you should have! You may have a good design; but, is it the best design…. If not, consider adding Specific Strength to your decision matrix before making that all too critical material choice.

Specific Strength  Calculate  Breaking Length

2018-07-23 09:10:18

Did you check for Pull-through?

Not surprisingly over my career…I’ve seen it once and I continue to see it again and again and again…a failure to check a fastened joint for pull-through. What is seemingly a simple stress check is often overlooked. This tip provides a quick method to check for pull-through failure anytime...but hopefully you check during the preliminary phase of the design before a failure or a messy redesign is required. A check that readily ascertains whether a composite joint is thick enough, or possesses the minimum inter-laminar shear strength needed to prevent a pull-through failure is discussed in this article.

pull-through  protruding  fastener  failure

2018-05-07 07:29:39
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