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About Single Bolt Analysis Program:

Bolt Analysis program 1.0 calculates Bolt MOS based on bolt tension, shear and bending ratios. The interactive margin of safety equation determines the failure of a bolt with an option to omit bolt bending in the MOS. The program is written using Microsoft Excel: recommend using Excel 2010 or higher (Excel 2007 should work-no guarantees)

Software Developer: Norm Lamar 



Bolt Loads and Allowables

Bolt Margins


Created 2017-11-19
Changed 2018-05-19
Version 1.0
Size 146.72 KB
System Windows
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Composite Curved Plate Program:

The composite curved Plate Buckling calculates the lowest buckling eigenvalue of a laminated shell. Note to user: After downloading file you must change the "_exe" extension to ".exe" BEFORE installing. 

Software Developer: Ben Taylor

Screen Shots

Define Plate Properties and Type


Define Laminate Properties

Output of ABD Stiffness Coefficients



Created 2017-11-19
Changed 2018-05-19
Version 0.0.1
Size 82.1 MB
System Windows
Downloads 7